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Let FAIRY BIRD take you to the third largest island in the world - BORNEO, and to SARAWAK, land of the Orang Utan, the rhinoceros Hornbill, and many more, including FAIRY BIRD itself. FAIRY BIRD, by the way, derives its name from the Asian Fairy Bluebird.



Jump Bilun Jump
Bilun the mouse deer is trying to get downriver to a birthday party. Held up by Spider-bird, who forgot to give him the invitation, and by King Croc who is fixed on eating him, can Bilun get to the birthday party on time?

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Precious Jade & Turnip Head
All is Sixes and Sevens in Payah’s Rainforest Home in Sarawak, deep in the Heart of Borneo.

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Four Eyes
Payah makes a surprising discovery, and takes on a responsibility that becomes almost too much for her to bear.

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Meet Payah, an impetuous eight-year old girl from an indigenous group called "Kayans", whose home is deep in the interior of Sarawak. Payah has firm convictions, and nobody tangles with her!!

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